In this article, you will learn everything about cooked sausages. We’ll start with an overview, and then I’ll give you a detailed list of the types of cooked sausages.

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Cooked sausages – an overview

Cooked sausages are sausage varieties that are processed raw and then cooked. They are usually heated by scalding. The heat makes the meat firm and durable

The ingredients

Mostly pork or beef, fat and crushed ice are used for processing. Occasionally there are also products with poultry meat. Depending on the type of boiled sausage, different spices are used. Because often times emulsification is part of the process they sometimes are called “emulsified sausages”.

Differences within the cooked sausage varieties

According to the guidelines of the German Food Book for meat and meat products, cooked sausages are divided into four groups:

Cooked sausages – production process

For the production of Brühwurst, the meat and fat together with the respective spices are turned through the meat grinder

Then the meat mass is finely chopped with chopping aid and crushed ice. The ice is used to prevent the meat protein from coagulating due to the resulting heat.

After cuttering, the meat mixture is filled into artificial casings or jars.

Now the cooked sausage is cooked at approx. 80 C°. Cooking coagulates the protein and the meat becomes firm to the bite. At home, a pot on the stove or sous vide stove is best suited for this.

When the meat has reached a core temperature of over 70 C°, it is ready.

If the sausage meat is to be cooked in a jar, then it must be cooked in a water bath at 100 C° for about 2 hours.

After the cooking process, the cooked sausage can be smoked if necessary.

Shelf life of cooked sausages

Cooked sausages, when cut, should be eaten within a few days

A list of different cooked sausages

Finally, I have a compilation of different cooked sausages for you

If I have a recipe for it, it’s also linked directly.

Cooked sausages

Boiled sausages Fine

Coarse boiled sausage

Boiled sausage with insert

  • Bierschinken, Beef-Bierschinken, Poultry-Bierschinken, Ham Pâté
  • Presskopf, Ansbacher, pork knuckle pate, sour roll
  • South German mortadella, tongue sausage, tongue pâté, tongue roulade, heart sausage
  • Gipsy sausage, paprika sausage
  • Spleen sausage

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