Make Dry-Cured & Cooked Ham Easily At Home

Step-by-step instructions & 28 delicious recipes

If you want to make your own ham at home but lack the necessary experience, this book is perfect for you....

In this guide you will find everything you need to know about making ham yourself.

Step by step explained without unnecessary ballast.

And written in such a way that even if you have no experience yet, you'll get along great.

With his book you will...

  • Experience and understand in detail the individual steps in the production of excellent ham
  • Make your first air-dried or smoked ham yourself with my proven beginner method without complications
  • Avoid beginner mistakes and save yourself some nerves, time and money

As a bonus, you'll also get the knowledge you need to make cooked ham.

Have a look into the book, the table of contents...

  1. An introduction to making ham yourself
  2. Ham making basics
    1. The different types of ham
      1. Cured Ham
        1. Air dried
        2. Smoked
      2. Cooked ham
    2. Important notes for the production of raw ham
    3. This is the equipment you need to make ham
    4. Make ham yourself - The ingredients
      1. Meat - pieces of meat for ham production
      2. Meat - Quality & Differences
      3. Meat - summary and my tips for buying meat
      4. Salt & Cure - Notes & Recommendations
      5. Spices - flavor for your ham
      6. Sugar - Not a sweet ham, but an aid
  3. Step by step: A simple dry cured ham
    1. Ingredients for your first ham
    2. 12 steps to delicious ham
  4. The dry cured ham process explained in detail
    1. Step #0: Cleaning
    2. Step #1: Curing
      1. Dry Curing Ham Method #1: Real Dry Curing
      2. Dry Curing Ham Method #2: Curing in its own brine / Equilibrium Curing
      3. The right amount of salt in the preparation
      4. Oversalting & soaking - What is it and do you need it?
    3. Step #2: Equalization
      1. Salt Equalization
      2. Pre-Drying for cold smoking
    4. Step #3: Smoking (Optional)
      1. Cold Smoking incl. Equipment & Instruction
      2. Hot Smoking incl. Equipment & Instruction
    5. Step #4: Maturing / Drying
      1. Air maturation with environmental preconditions
      2. Ash maturation
      3. Vacuum at the end of maturation for more flavor and uniform result
  5. 23 delicious dry cured ham recipes to make yourself
    1. Delicate Filetschinken
    2. Lardo
    3. Pfefferschinken (pepper ham)
    4. Lomo
    5. Schinken Schwarzwälder Art
    6. Lammschinken (lamb ham)
    7. Rotweinschinken (red wine ham)
    8. Wildschweinschinken (wild boar ham)
    9. Entenschinken (duck ham)
    10. Bresaola (beef ham)
    11. Guanciale
    12. Pancetta
    13. Scharfer Schinken (hot ham)
    14. Schinkenspeck / “Südtiroler Speck”
    15. Whiskeyschinken (whiskey ham)
    16. Ascheschinken (ash ham)
    17. Coppa
    18. Weihnachtsschinken (christmas ham)
    19. Bacon / Speck
    20. Paprika Schinken
    21. Lachsschinken
    22. Kräuterbauchschinken (spice belly ham)
    23. Knoblauchschinken (garlic ham)
  6. Bonus: How to make cooked ham
    1. Introduction
    2. Wet Curing
    3. Cooking & Smoking
    4. Delicious cooked ham recipes
      1. Classic Kochschinken
      2. Kassler
      3. Backschinken (baked ham)
      4. Geräucherter Kochschinken (smoked ham)
      5. Corned Beef / Pastrami
  7. Frequently asked questions & answers

As you can see, with this book you get everything you need to know to make delicious ham.

In addition to the production of raw ham with a total of 24 recipes, the topic of cooked ham is included as a bonus chapter with 5 delicious recipes.

The readers so far have been thrilled...

As a trained master butcher, I must first give you high praise. The ham book is really for beginners / laymen and also advanced described clearly and extensively. Also how you got into the different techniques deserves great respect. "Hats off" to the effort. Is worth the money for enthusiastic hobby sausage makers. I have also treated myself to get after the 20-year professional abstinence again new inspiration

Stefan B.

I downloaded your ham book yesterday and "consumed" it immedialtely ast night. For me it is described properly understandable. Thank you very much for it.

Norbert T.

I am very satisfied with the tutorials on making ham, everyone can understand. It is super explained in detail Is very informative. I am looking forward to my first homemade dry cured ham.

Michi R.

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