The Full Guide On Making Sausages Easily At Home

Step-by-step instructions & 37 delicious recipes

If you want to make your own sausages at home but lack the necessary experience, this book is perfect for you....

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about sausage making.

Step by step explained without unnecessary ballast.

And written in such a way that even if you have no experience, you'll get along great.

With his book you will...

  • Learn to produce delicious sausages (Bratwurst, Cold Cuts, cooked sausages and cured sausages)
  • Make your first Bratwurst, Bologna, Liver sausage or Mettwurst yourself without complications thanks to my proven beginner method
  • Avoid beginner mistakes and save yourself some nerves, time and money

Here are 4 examples of the 37 sausages you will be able to make...

Leberkäse (incl. Pizza variation)

Bratwurst "Nuremberger"



You will also learn everything about equipment, casings, spices and more...

A bit of background about me (the author)...

I am Daniel, a German 🇩🇪 sausage maker and over 67.000 people worldwide learn from my sausage recipes & instructions every month.

I started sausage making almost 4 years ago, am completely self-taught and have the belief that everyone can do the same.

This is why I wrote everything I know into this book.

Interested? Have a look into it...

Table of contents

  1. An introduction to making sausage yourself
  2. The Basics of sausage making
    1. An overview of the most common types of sausages and difficulty levels for home sausage makers
    2. Important notes for the production of sausage
    3. The equipment you need to make sausage yourself
    4. Everything you need to know about casings
  3. Homemade sausages - The ingredients
    1. Meat - meat pieces for sausage production
    2. Meat - quality & differences
    3. Meat - summary and my tips for buying meat
    4. Salt & Cure - notes & recommendations
    5. Spices - flavor for your sausage
  4. Bratwurst: The perfect start
    1. The steps explained in detail
    2. Ingredients for your first bratwurst
    3. What kind of meat cuts can you use?
    4. The meat / fat ratio
    5. In 10 steps to your first bratwurst (Franconian style)
    6. Bratwurst Recipes
      • Bratwurst “NĂĽrnberger Art”
      • Rostbratwurst “ThĂĽringer Art”
      • Salsiccia - Fennel sausage from Italy
      • Merguez - Fiery lamb sausage
      • Veal Bratwurst- A treat for the palate
  5. Scalded Sausages- Cold Cuts and more
    1. An introduction to making scalded sausages
    2. 12 steps to your first bologna
    3. Scalded Sausage Recipes 
      • 3 Bologna Variations (Mushroom, Bell pepper and Cheese)
      • Bierschinken
      • Jagdwurst
      • Göttinger Bierwurst
      • Wollwurst
      • Leberkäse
      • Pizzaleberkäse
  6. Pre-Cooked Sausages
    1. An introduction to making pre-cooked sausages
    2. 14 steps to your first liverwurst
    3. Pre-cooked Sausage Recipes 
      • GrĂĽtzwurst (Goetta)
      • Pinkel
      • Blood sausage
      • Brawn “Hausmacher Art”
      • Cranberry venison liver sausage
  7. Cured Sausages
    1. An introduction to making cured sausages
    2. In 15 steps to your first snack salamis
    3. Cured Sausage Recipes 
      • Mettwurst
      • Chorizo
      • Teewurst
      • Zwiebelmettwurst
      • Salami
  8. Patés, Rillettes, Terrines
    1. An introduction to making Patés, Rilletes, Terrines
    2. In 14 steps to your first liver paté
    3. Paté, Rillette, Terrine Recipes
      • Pork Rillette
      • Country PatĂ©
      • Goose Rillette
      • Meat terrine
  9. Preserving and canning sausage
    1. What you need to can sausage
    2. Cans or jars - Which is better?
    3. Canning sausage
    4. Preserving sausage in jars
    5. Preserving sausage - step-by-step instruction
    6. How to properly poach sausages
    7. How to freeze sausages
  10. Bonus: Smoking - An overview of cold and hot smoking.
    1. Cold smoking
      • The needed equipment
      • Procedure for cold smoking
    2. Hot smoking
      • The needed equipment
      • Procedure for hot smoking
    3. Smoked Sausage Recipes 
      • Bratwurst: Cold smoked Fränkische Bratwurst
      • Scalded Sausages: Wiener WĂĽrstchen
      • Pre-cooked Sausages: Cold smoked liverwurst
      • Cured Sausages: Pfefferbeisser

As you can see, with this book (147 pages) you get everything you need to know to make delicious sausage at home.

In addition to all the information, a total of 37 delicious recipes are also included.

Over 3.326 readers so far are enthusiastic...

Thank you for your sausage book. It turned out great and is very helpful and informative. There is everything in it for me, what you need to know as a beginner.

Beate K.

Wow, Daniel!. Thanks for the book. You really put a lot of effort into it. I have been making sausages for over 8 years and picked up the book to think outside the box a bit. I am thrilled.

Thomas I.

Thank you for the book. It is a great piece. It has answered all the questions I still had. The recipes are clear and understandable. Thumbs up.

Peter L.

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