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Kochsalami (cooked salami) – A very delicious sausage

In this post I’m going to show you how to make a Kochsalami (cooked salami) yourself. It’s simple and super quick to make. 

Cooked salami, as the name suggests, is not a cured sausage. So it’s not a traditional salami as you know it. The cooked salami is a flavorful scalded sausage and is filled into artificial casings or jars.

It is not one of the best known types of sausage, but it is a popular accompaniment to a good “Brotzeit”. It can also be used as a replacement for Fleischwurst in a Fleischsalat.

Here you can find the complete Kochsalami / cooked salami recipe as a video or to read through.

Have fun and good luck making it! I would be happy if you leave me a comment if you succeeded.

Making your own cooked salami – What do you need?

cooked salami-all ingredients

Ingredients per 1 kg 

  • 50 % lean pork (500g)
  • 30 % lean beef (300g)
  • 20 % pork back fat (200g)

Spices per 1 kg 

Equipment for making beef sausage

Meat grinder

You will need the meat grinder, also called a mincer, to “grind” the meat, meaning the meat is finely ground.

Cutter / powerful food processor

The sausage meat of the beef sausage is very fine. To produce this consistency, you need a cutter or a powerful food processor

Sausage filler / attachment for the meat grinder / hand filling funnel

You need this to get your meat mass into the casing. For starters, you can use a filler attachment for your meat grinder or a hand filler funnel. I use this one. 

Artificial casing or jars 

For filling your mass you need artificial casings. I use here an artificial casing caliber 35.

Alternatively, you can also boil the mass in jars. 

Make cooked salami yourself- Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Cut your meat and the fat into strips. The size varies depending on how big your meat grinder is. The bigger the grinder, the bigger your pieces of meat can be.

cooked salami-cut

2. Mix the spices. You can grind the spices to a fine powder or, like me, mix in the caraway seeds in whole pieces. This way you can see them later once the sausage is cut.

cooked salami-spices

3. Add the spices to the meat and mix it all together. 

cooked salami-mix

4. Put the meat in the freezer for 1-2 hours. This will help later on with the grinding process and the temperature.

cooked salami-freeze

5. Now it’s time to grind the meat. Depending on how coarse you want your final sausage meat, you can use different perforated discs here.

 I use the finest perforated disc (3 mm) and let the mass run through once. However, you can also run the sausage meat through 2 times. That is up to you.

cooked salami-grind

6. Mix the the meat and spices for a few minutes so that a nice binding is formed. You can do this with your hands or use a hand mixer.

cooked salami-mix 2

7. Fill the sausage meat into artificial casings or jars. I use artificial casings caliber 35.

cooked salami-fill

8. Cook the sausage at 75 – 78 °C (167 – 172.4 °F). The duration depends on your caliber. If you use caliber 35, your cooked salami needs about 35 minutes. If you use 50 caliber, it will take about 50 minutes. 

If you cook it in jars, the cooking salami needs about 2 hours at 100 °C (212 °F).

cooked salami-cook

9. Your cooked salami is ready😄. Enjoy it. 

cooked salami-ready

What is the shelf life of cooked salami?

Cooked salami filled in artificial casings can be kept for about 4 – 5 days. 

Unopened in jars cooked salami can be kept for about 3-4 months. Once opened it must be stored in a cool place and can be kept for about 4-5 days.


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  1. Seeing that this is a Kochsalami (cooked salami) .
    Can this be processed in a pressure canner and kept for a long time?
    If so, what do you suggest.

    1. Hey John, yes if you look at the poaching step there is also a description for canning it in jars. You can also use a pressure cooker accordingly. Time is propably lower then.


  2. Hallo, ich bin ein Canadish-deuutcher-Metzger meister,studiert-Augsburg fleischer schule.Mein deutsch it’s nicht 💯 %, wohne in Trenton ON, in canada Uber 40 jahre. Mach eigne wurst und fersuche es so rein wie moglich zu halten.Wurde gerne etlice tips von dir erhalten, koch salami und genie leberwust,habe food processor 1500-watt, dance in foraus, habe lange Kein Deutch geschrieben

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