27 Delicious German Sausage Recipes To Feast On

If you are interested in making sausages and looking for delicious recipes, you should read on now...

I am Daniel a German ???????? sausage maker and have tried out a lot of recipes over the last few years.

At the beginning of the year 2020 I thought about writing my favorite German recipes together.

This is how I created my e-book 27 Delicious German Sausage Recipes To Feast On...

In this e-book (available on all devices: computer, tablet and smartphone + printable) you will find everything about bratwursts, boiled sausages, cooked sausages, raw sausages and patés, rilletes and terrines.

In addition to these 27 recipes, as a bonus you will find 8 of my most popular sauces, chutneys & pickles + a Brötchen (bread roll) recipe.

The recipes at a glance...

Fresh sausages / Bratwurst

  • Coarse Bratwurst (Franconian style)
  • Fine Bratwurst (Thuringian style)
  • Cheesy Bratwurst - From the Alps
  • Venison Bratwurst - Thanks to the hunters
  • Smoky lake Bratwurst - Pork and fish, yes that works

Scalded Sausages

  • Schinkenwurst - Think Bologna but better!
  • Gelbwurst - Children's dreams come true
  • Weisswurst - Bavarian, Purist, Good
  • Bierschinken - No beer but delicious
  • Bockwurst - Knack, zack, gone
  • Wiener Würstchen - Also known as Frankfurter
  • Currywurst - A German Fast Food Classic

Cooked Sausages

  • Liver sausage - Spreadable and yummy
  • Veal Lliver sausage - Fine, finer, that one
  • Simple Blutwurst (Blood Sausage) - The easiest version for beginners
  • Homemade Pfälzer Blood sausage - A German classic
  • Brawn - A classic introduction to aspic
  • Headcheese - A speciality from Northern Hesse

Cured Sausages

  • Duck ham - Simple & perfect Procsciutto
  • Zwiebelmettwurst - Also tastes good without bread
  • Rohesser - Spicy, juicy with character
  • German Salami - The original basic version
  • Teewurst Rügenwalder Art - The smell lets your mouth water
  • Landjäger - Use pork or beef, either way it is a dream

Rillettes, Patés, Terrines & Others

  • Pork Rillette - It couldn't be easier and tastier
  • Game pâté - Good Hunting
  • Poultry liver pâté - A splash of rum makes guests go YUM
  • German ham - It can be so juicy

Bonus: Breads, Sauces. Relishes, Chutneys & Pickles

  • German Brötchen - The classic bun for sausages
  • Currywurst Sauce - Well known throughout Germany
  • Beer mustard - Does not make you drunk but happy
  • Chimichurri - Refreshing for the barbecue
  • Harissa - Arabic accompaniment to sausage & co.
  • Kombucha BBQ Sauce - The Umami Explosion
  • Pickled Zucchini - Sweet, Sour, Tasty
  • Garlic Confit - For dips, vinaigrettes or sandwiches
  • Sauerkraut - Not only yummy but good for the tummy

More than 3.447 satisfied customers have already made sausages with the recipe book.

A small excerpt of feedbacks on the recipes...

Thorsten A. - The taste of the bratwursts was phenomenal and my mother has already placed an order when she goes to a barbecue with friends this year (if Covid allows it).

Rita W. - Your Weisswurst recipe was clear and understandable in word and writing. Just great, mmh - delicious.

Gottfried W. - The first try of the cooked ham was simply wonderful, thank you very much for this simple instruction with this tasty result.

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From Daniel in Germany.

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