Sausage Seasoning Masterclass

Customize & Invent Your Own Sausages With Ease

This masterclass is for you if you want to...

  • Understand existing recipes, so you know exactly what to do
  • Be able to customize recipes to your taste or even improve them
  • Come up with new sausage inventions on your own

The sausage masterclass - Everything you need to know about exceptional taste

The masterclass contains 14 detailed lessons...

And includes just about everything you need to know about sausage seasoning, recipe development and flavor profiles.

  • You get an overview of the different qualities of spices and how to buy the right ones
  • You will learn more about the most common spice categories, essential spices and how to use them to make a tasty sausage
  • You understand the differences of salt & curing salts and can use them confidently
  • You'll learn how to make homemade spices out of ordinary ingredients that you already have (and ones you never thought of)
  • I'll show you how to make your spices more aromatic, preserve them with oil, fat or alcohol and create new flavor profiles
  • You will learn how to create a new taste experience with different textures in your sausage
  • You learn what you need to consider when adding liquids
  • You will learn the guidelines of how much of which spices you can use when making sausage (Including a base recipe on which you can build on at all times).
  • You get trained my step-by-step recipe developing process, so you can create your own creation confidently 

On top, you will also get access to four in-depth videos where I invent sausages from scratch.

I will lead you through the whole thought process from "what sausage could I make" to the final recipe. 

Including developing the recipe, taste testing, adjusting and a final step-by-step instruction with ingredients.

  • You ever heard of soup dumplings? In the first experiment I'll replicate the taste of a Chinese classic Xiaolongbao into a sausage
  • A barbecue pulled pork kind of sausage? Well let's give it a try. I am sure it will taste great whether it is smoked or not.
  • For the third recipe I'll infuse a traditional German Bratwurst with a classic condiment (Mashed Potatoes & Caramellized Onions)
  • The last one will be a fancy french resemblance of a breakfast sausage with a sweet and tangy note. The stars of the show? Goat cheese and figs.

What satisfied course participants have to say...

The Sausage Seasoning Master Class has over 163 happy and successful participants to date. This is proof that it delivers what it promises.

I like your friendly and honest manner. The production of the different types was interesting and worth seeing. I now have more desire to develop my own creations.

Hartmut G.


I am super satisfied with the content. I think the course is good for both beginners and professionals. I've been making sausage myself for 3 years and also found some new info. 

Albright K.

Springfield, Missouri (US)

Very comprehensive and well explained! A great course if you want to make your own sausages! I now also trust myself to adapt each recipe and can immediately identify "faulty" recipes. Strongly recommended!

Thomas D.

Bakewell, United Kingdom

As you can see, with the 14 lessons you have everything you need to successfully season or invent your own sausage.

On top, you will also receive 7 unpublished bonus recipes:

  • Cevapcici Bratwurst - Croatian inspired sausage
  • Wild Garlic Bratwurst - Seasonal Highlight
  • Apple Bratwurst - Slightly sweet with sage-cinnamon kick
  • Cranberry liver sausage - Works also with game meat
  • Dill-Onion Bratwurst - Fresh and Delicious
  • Pizza-Bratwurst - Tomato, Cheese, Delizioso
  • Mushroom Bratwurst - Autumnal, delicious, excellent

The price for the masterclass is $67.

You get instant access to all lessons and materials in my Wurst Circle Online Academy after your purchase.

You can watch the lessons as often and as long as you like.

In addition, you are protected by my satisfaction guarantee.

Because I am 100% convinced of my course, I give you an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee...

You are either completely convinced of everything or write me an email and get all your money back.

If you are interested, click on the button now and secure your access...

Looking forward to seeing you inside,

Daniel "Season to taste" Wulf


Do you still have questions? Write me a mail to daniel(at) and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

From Daniel in Germany.

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