24 Bratwurst recipes for a perfect Barbecue experience

Do you like to barbecue and are you a fan of bratwurst / sausages?

I am Daniel a German ???????? sausage maker and in summer 2020 I have experimented and tested a lot of Bratwurst / fresh sausage recipes.

This is how my 24 Bratwurst recipes for a perfect barbecue experience came about...

In this e-book (available on all devices: computer, tablet and smartphone + printable) you will find everything about sausages, their production and preparation.

In addition to these 24 recipes, there are 6 of my favorite barbecue sauces & dips as a bonus.

The book at a glance...

Fresh Sausages / Bratwurst Recipes

  • Nürnberger Rostbratwurst - A classic from my home region
  • Venison Bratwurst - Laurel Garlic Feast
  • Leeky Loukaniko - Greece sends its regards
  • Mustardy Bratwurst - No need for condiments
  • Chicken Saltimbocca Bratwurst - Heavenly with sage
  • Veal Bratwurst - Fine Dining on the grill
  • Bella Italia Bratwurst - Really delicious Italian Flavors
  • Saucisse de fermier à l'ail - Herb sausage from France
  • Mild Italiano Bratwurst - Discreet and yet delicious
  • Kielbasa Krakauer - hearty, smoked, delicious!
  • Savory beer sausage - Yummy, with an extra beer or even without
  • Hungarian Bratwurst - Balaton on the grill
  • Turkey Bratwurst - Not dry, I promise
  • Beef, beef, beef Bratwurst - The end of the burger
  • Wild variation #2 - Better than any roast game
  • Duck Bratwurst - quack, quack, eaten
  • Switzerli Bratwurst - From Switzerland without cheese
  • Mojito Bratwurst - Fresh without alcohol
  • Salsiccia Barese - Dolce Vita with Pecorino
  • Longaniza from Chile - Hot and delicious
  • Philly Cheesesteak Bratwurst - Sounds crazy? It is
  • Caprese Bratwurst - Chicken or Pork you decide
  • Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst - Hot & Cheesy
  • Ramen Bratwurst - Japanese experiment succeeded

Bonus: Grillsauces & More

  • Miso herb butter - After this there is no coming back
  • Classic BBQ Sauce - Fast and really delicious
  • Avocado yoghurt sauce - Deliciously fresh
  • Kombucha BBQ Sauce - The Umami Explosion
  • Toum - A Lebanese garlic dip / sauce
  • Cocktail sauce - Doesn't need shrimps to be good

Over 2.104 satisfied customers have already made delicious bratwurst with the recipe book.

A small excerpt of feedback on the recipes...

Franz W. - Thank you very much, the recipes look good. Not boring. I can see the professionalism.

Peter S. - I have now made the first sausages according to your recipe book. They were really very tasty.

Susanne H. - I dared to try your Hungarian bratwurst and I can tell you that all guests and I enjoyed it very much. Next we will try the duck bratwurst. Thank you very much for the recipes.

Besides the recipes, you will, of course, get a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to make them.

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Best regards,

Daniel "Delicious Bratwurst on the grill" Wulf


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From Daniel in Germany.

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