Hey! I’m Daniel…

And you do not know me (yet) :).

I help enthusiastic hobby chefs, foodies and do-it-yourselfers like you make sausages with my recipes and step-by-step instructions.

The following 3 things best describe food for me …

  • Spend time & create experiences with people you love
  • Experiment, try out & get to know each other
  • Relaxation & enjoyment

And that is exactly what the Wurst Circle is about.

Make delicious sausages and have a good time together.

I’ll support you on your journey from a meat lover to a knowledgeable sausage making artisan.

But who is “I”?

My name is Daniel, I am from Germany and in the following picture I have my hands full with an Indian Vada Pav…

When I started to make sausage myself almost 2 years ago…

I didn’t expect to pursue this hobby for so long.

I mean, it’s funny, isn’t it?

Making your own sausage.

Who does that?

You can get it at the butcher’s… 

And probably also in almost every supermarket.

I used these options a lot, without even questioning what I’m actually eating.

I probably even ate more than the German average (in 2018 it was 60.2 kg per year, 29.6 kg of which was sausage based products).

All that without paying attention to the quality in which the sausage was produced.

But when I realized how and under what conditions these sheer masses of sausages are produced…

I began to think. A lot.

This did not happen overnight.

That takes time.

Well, long story short…

My goal: Less meat but very good quality (regional, sustainable, no mass processing and fair prices for the producers).

And to understand what comes in sausage, I had to make my own sausage.

That’s where I got stuck and as you can see so much that I now write about it and make videos.

Well, I don’t want to be the moralizer here.

The only thing that is important to me…

If you make the effort to make sausages at home, use the best quality meat you can get.

The difference in taste is huge compared to industrially processed sausage or sausage made of cheap meat.

Your friends & family will repay you with outstanding feedback.

And like I said…

If you put in the effort, then with good raw material.

What is your opinion on this topic? Let me know.

Best regards,

Daniel “German Sausage Guy” Wulf


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