In this article you will learn everything about Dauerwurst / Summer sausage. At the beginning, I’ll explain what a summer sausage is. Then you will find information about the production, taste and appearance, as well as the quality of summer sausage.

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What is a summer sausage?

Summer sausage is the generic term for all cured sausages that do not need to be stored in a cool place. Typical summer sausages are salami, kabanossi or Landjäger. For a Dauerwurst very often curing salt is used

The production of a summer sausage

Summer sausage, like most raw sausages, is usually smoked or air-dried. Usually, the sausage is made of pork, beef or poultry with the addition of bacon. It contains little water and plenty of salt.

The most common spices in a permanent sausage are: Paprika, garlic, mustard seeds, sugar and pepper.

Taste and appearance

Summer sausage usually has a reddish brown or rust color. Depending on the quality, it is very coarse or fine. It is also divided into spreadable and cut-resistant varieties.

Quality of long-life sausage

The quality of the sausage is characterized by its structure. The coarser the structure, the better the quality. Summer sausages, which are very fine, usually contain more fat.

A good quality summer sausage has a fat content between about 25 to 30 percent.

If the summer sausage feels soft, this is an indication of a lot of water. This tells you that the sausage has not been dried traditionally, but has been made by rapid aging with a higher amount of curing salt and starter culture.

In the end, it’s like most things in life. The more time the sausage is given, the better the flavor

What is the shelf life of summer sausage?

Summer sausages will keep at 10 – 15 C° for about six months. However, a cut sausage should be consumed as soon as possible.