In this article you will learn everything about pre-cooked sausages. We start with an overview and then I give you a detailed list of sausage varieties.

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Pre-cooked sausage – an overview

Pre-cooked sausages are sausage types that are mainly made from pre-cooked material. After filling, they are cooked again or smoked. Pre-cooked sausages are usually spreadable and only sliceable when cold. Once they are heated, they lose all their binding.

Pre-cooked sausage can be filled into casings or jars. I’ll show you how to can the sausage here..

The three most popular cooked sausages are liverwurst, blood sausage or headcheese (brawn).

The ingredients

Pre-cooked sausage consists of meat, fat and spices. Some types still use offal, such as a fresh liver.

Differences within the types of cooked sausage

According to the guidelines of the German Food Book for meat and meat products, pre-cooked sausages are divided into four groups:

  • Pre-cooked cuttable sausages (Can be cut in slices like onion sausage, for example)
  • Pre-cooked spreadable sausages (Consistency spreadable when cooled, such as liver sausage).
  • Blood sausages (One of the main ingredients is blood and thus also cold cuttable, such as Pressack)
  • Brawn sausages (prepared with aspic or “Schwartenbrei” and therefore also cold cuttable, e.g. pork head brawn)

Shelf life of cooked sausage

Cooked sausage can be kept for about 7 days when cut. If you cook them in jars or smoke them, they will keep longer

A list of different cooked sausages

Finally, I have a compilation of different cooked sausages for you.

If I have a recipe for it, it’s also linked directly.

Pre-Cooked sausage

  • Liverwurst(Variations e.g. coarse liver sausage, goose liver sausage, veal liver sausage, wild liver sausage, poultry liver sausage, regional liver sausages, etc.)
  • Liver pate (variations e.g. goose liver pâté, poultry liver pâté poultry pâté, game pâté, etc.)
  • Bowl sausage
  • Wellwurst
  • Grützwurst

Pre-Cooked meats sausages

  • Ham cream
  • Cooked mead sausage, Westphalian cooked mead sausage, boiled mead sausage, hamburger boiled mead sausage
  • Cooked onion mead sausage
  • Cabbage sausage
  • Palatinate Saumagen
  • Cooked onion sausage, onion sausage
  • Beef sausage
  • Lard meat
  • North German meat sausage
  • Knappwurst, Knackwurst
  • Pinkel

Blood sausage

  • Rotwurst (variations e.g. Bauernrotwurst, Hausmacher Rotwurst, Landrotwurst, regional red sausages)
  • Tongue red sausage, tongue blood sausage, tongue sausage
  • Blood sausage (variations e.g. Pressack, home-made blood sausage, blood sausage with inlay, regional blood sausages)
  • Red rind sausage
  • Pressed sausage,
  • Blunzen, Plunzen, Flönz, black sausage
  • Boudin, black barley sausage, Grütz blood sausage, red Grütz sausage
  • Mengwurst

Brawn sausages

  • Ham in aspic, ham in aspic sausage
  • Brawn (Spießbratensülze)
  • Veal brawn
  • Poultry brawn, poultry brawn sausage
  • Tongue aspic
  • Meat aspic, meat aspic sausage
  • Pork head aspic, pork head in aspic
  • White pressed sausage
  • Home-made pressed sausage
  • Beef brawn
  • Sausage aspic, cold cuts aspic
  • Blood sausage aspic

My pre-cooked sausage recipes