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Make your own cooked mettwurst – Super tasty spreadable variant

In this post I show you how to make cooked mettwurst yourself. With a moderate effort you achieve a super tasty result.

There are both spreadable and cut-resistant Mettwurst. In this post, I’ll show you a cooked mettwurst variety that you can spread on bread despite canning.

Cooked mettwurst is a nice alternative to classic mettwurst. The cooked mettwurst is not cold smoked like the classic Mettwurst, but cooked in jars or scalded in casings. Another variant is for example my onion mead sausage.

Here you can find the complete cooked mettwurst recipe as a video or to read through.

Have fun and good luck making it!

Making your own cooked mettwurst – What do you need?

cooked mettwurst-all ingredients

Ingredients for your cooked mettwurst 

Ingredients per 1 kg

  • 60 % pork belly (600g)
  • 40% pork shoulder (400g)

Spices per KG

Equipment for making cooked mettwurst 

Meat Grinder

You need a meat grinder to “grind” the meat. The meat is chopped into small chunks with it.

Spice grinder / mortar

To grind your spices, it is best to use a spice mill. Alternatively, a mortar is also suitable. Or you can use already ground spices. I recommend to grind them yourself.


To fill the sausage you need jars. You can use traditional jars or WECK jars.

Making cooked mettwurst – Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Cut the meat into pieces. The size varies depending on how big your meat grinder is. The bigger the grinder, the bigger your pieces of meat can be.

cooked mettwurst-cut

2. Put the pieces of meat in a sealable plastic bag or vacuum them.

cooked mettwurst-bag

3. Put the bags in the tempered water or in the sous vide cooker and cook the meat and fat at 76 degrees Celsius (169 Fahrenheit) for 45 minutes. Below I have described the variant without sous vide cooker.54. Cut the onions into strips and slowly simmer in an buttered pan until golden brown for up to 10 min..

cooked mettwurst-sous-Vide

4. Grind the spices into a fine powder.

cooked mettwurst-spices

5. Take the bags out of the water  and separate the juice and meat .I put the meat juice directly into the bowl into which I subsequently wolf the meat. 

cooked mettwurst-juice

6. Now the meat and fat is grinded. Depending on how coarse you want your final sausage meat, you can use different perforated discs here. 

I use the medium perforated disc (4.5 mm). 

cooked mettwurst-grind

7. Then add the spices to the minced mixture and mix it all together. 

cooked mettwurst-spices2

8. Ready is your mixture if you want a coarse cooked mettwurst. If you want it finer, you can still put it in a food processor.

cooked mettwurst-fine

9. You can now fill them into jars. Make sure that the mass is tight and without air holes in the jars. 

cooked mettwurst-jars

10. Now you just have to boil down the cooked mettwurst at 100 °C (212 Fahrenheit) for about 2 hours.

cooked mettwurst-cook

11. Your cooked mettwurst is ready 😄. Enjoy it. 

cooked mettwurst-ready

What is the shelf life of the cooked mettwurst?

In theory, cooked mettwurst can be kept indefinitely in the jar. Store them best in a cool and dark place. When opening, the following applies: see, smell, taste! 

When opened, the cooked mettwurst can be kept for about 5 days.

Make cooked mettwurst without sous vide method

This also works!

To do this, weigh the meat once before cooking. Then weigh the meat again after cooking and note how much liquid the meat has lost. Add this missing liquid later. You can use the broth water in which you cooked your meat.


Pre-Cooked Sausages

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  1. hello
    my name is kurt
    you asked a question as to what i like coming into summer, bratwurst or metwurst , problem we have here is our summer is 9 months long with up to 40deg heat so your cooked metwurst sound fantastic , i just have to find out what some of the spices are , question can you cure tradiotional salami in the fridge?
    many thanks

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