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Make blood sausage yourself – simple and delicious

In this post I show you how to make blood sausage yourself. There are several blood sausages all across the world. The variants are extremely diverse depending on the region you live in.

In this post I show you the (in my opinion) the simplest variant. It has 3 ingredients pork back fat, rind and blood to which a few spices are added.

If you don’t do the slaughtering yourself, it’s not so easy to get fresh pork blood. But don’t worry, you can also make a blood sausage without slaughtering yourself. I found blood powder on the internet, which you can mix with water or milk. 

My basic recipe is of course possible with fresh blood as well as blood powder.

Here you can find the complete blood sausage recipe as a video or to read through.

Have fun and good luck making it!

Making blood sausage yourself – what you need for it

blood sausage - all Ingredients

Ingredients per 1kg:

  • 40 % pork back fat (400g)
  • 30 % pork rind (300g)
  • 30 % blood (300 ml) fresh or made from blood powder

Spices per kg:

Sometimes I also add 75 g onion sweated in butter or lard

You will need this equipment:

Meat Grinder

You need a meat grinder to “grind” the meat. The meat is chopped into small chunks and can then be mixed.

Sausage stuffer / Grinder attachment / Funnel

You need this to get your sausage mass into the casing. If you do not have one, you can also use a filling attachment for your meat grinder or a hand filling funnel.

Artificial casing / Jar / Can

You can fill the sausage into jars as well as artificial casings. For jars, I usually use ones from the Weck company. For artificial casings I recommend artificial casings caliber 45/25 for a smaller diameter and artificial casings caliber 60/25 for a slightly wider one.

Make your own blood sausage- step-by-step instructions

1. Grind the spices in advance to a nice fine powder.

blood sausage - spices

2. Cut the rind into strips. It is important that they fit into your meat grinder later. I recommend a really sharp knife here, because the rind is very difficult to cut.

blood sausage - rind

3. Cook the rind for about 1 hour. The rind should be covered with water. It should not be mushy but soft after an hour. You should be able to easily push it through with a fork.

blood sausage - cook

4. Meanwhile, cut the pork back fat into small cubes. The size of the cubes will determine the look of the sausage later on. Depending on how fine or coarse you want it, you can adjust the size here.

blood sausage - back fat

5. Put the fat cubes in a pot and cook them for 25 minutes. The cubes should end up soft but not too soft. When you press a cube with your fingers, it should yield but not turn to mush.

blood sausage - back fat (2)

6. Grind the hot pork rind through the smallest perforated disc. From this point on, it is important to work reasonably quickly. When the pork rind cools down, it turns into a solid mass. Therefore, it is best to rinse your grinder once directly after grinding. 

blood sausage - grind

7. Now add the blood together with the spices to the pork rind and mix it well. It is best to heat the blood to approx. 30 – 35 C° beforehand (Around 89 Fahrenheit). This way it can be processed better and does not cool down the rind directly.

blood sausage - blood

8. Add the fat cubes to the mass and mix them. 

blood sausage -mix

9. Now fill the blood sausage mass into glasses or artificial casings. 

blood sausage - fill

10. Depending on whether you used casings or jars, Now scald or boil down the blood sausage. Scald the artificial casings at 76 C° (168 Fahrenheit). Depending on how big your caliber is, the brewing time changes (caliber 40 = 40 minutes; caliber 50 = 50 minutes). If you used jars, you can boil them down at 100 C° for about 2 hours. 

blood sausage - cook

11. Your blood sausage is ready 😄. Enjoy it. 

blood sausage - ready

Book recommendation: The Full Guide On Making Sausages Easily At Home – Step-by-step instructions & 37 delicious recipes

What is the shelf life of the blood sausage?

Fresh, your blood sausage will keep for about 3 – 4 days. Boiled down in jars approx. 3-4 months. 


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