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Poached Chicken – Delicious for sandwiches

In this post I show you how you can make poached chicken yourself. With little effort you achieve a super tasty result.

The chicken breast is poached. By poaching you get a super juicy chicken breast. However, you have to pay a lot of attention to the temperature. Below I have written down the most important information. 

The poached chicken is super easy and quick to make. On a fresh bread or a freshly baked roll it tastes divine. Perfect for chicken lovers. 

But enough chatter… 

Here you can find the complete poached chicken recipe as a video or to read through.

Have fun and good luck making it!

Making your own poached chicken – What do you need?

poached chicken - all ingredients

Ingredients for your poached chicken

Ingredients per 500 g 

  • 500g chicken breast

To poach 500g you will need about 1l of liquid, depending on the size of the pot.

Spices per 1l water

Equipment for making poached chicken

Thermometer & Cooking Pot / Sous Vide Cooker

The easiest way to cook the meat is to use a sous vide cooker. This way you can cook the meat gently in a vacuum bag. Don’t have one at home? No problem! Use a saucepan and heat the water. To achieve the exact temperature, you still need a thermometer. Both methods achieve the same result.

Making poached chicken- Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Put the spices in a pot with cold water.

poached chicken - spices

2. Put the chicken breasts in the pot.

Method Sous Vide: Put the water with the spices and the chicken in a bag.

poached chicken - pot

3. Place the pot on the stove top and heat the water slowly. The water temperature should reach 66 °C (150,8 °F).

Method Sous Vide: Put the bag in the container / pot and set the temperature to 66 °C (150,8 °F).

poached chicken - heat

4. Once the temperature is reached, let the chicken breasts sit for 20-30 minutes at a water temperature of 66 °C (150,8 °F), depending on their thickness.

The goal is to also heat the chicken breast to 66 degrees (150,8 °F) and then hold it there for a few minutes. This also ensures that it can be eaten without hesitation.

You’ll also find a more detailed explanation of temperatures below.

poached chicken - 30 minutes

5. Take the chicken breast out of the pot. You can either eat it warm or put it in the fridge for 24 hours.

poached chicken - take

6. Your poached chicken is ready 😄. Enjoy it. 

poached chicken - ready

What is the shelf life of the poached chicken?

The poached chicken can be kept in the refrigerator for about 2 – 3 days. 

Why poach the chicken breast at a certain temperature and not boil it? 

Cooking a chicken breast and not paying attention to the temperature is a quick and easy method without additional effort.

But the problem is that in doubt it can become very dry and firm. That’s why I recommend you rather poach the chicken breast at a certain temperature.

By keeping the temperature consistent, the meat will be cooked evenly throughout.  This keeps your chicken breast buttery, flavorful and juicy. Just what you want. 

I personally use two different temperature ranges depending on how I want to eat the chicken: 

  • If you want to serve the chicken warm, I recommend using the 60 – 62 °C (140 – 143,6°F) temperature. It stays very juicy and very soft that way. But is a bit too “raw” for me when cooled. Important: To get a really “safe food” you should keep the chicken at this temperature for about 30 minutes.
  • So if you want to serve the chicken cold, as in my post, I recommend 66 °C (150,8 °F). The meat will then have minimal fibrousness and be easier to cut but still juicy. Important: To get a really “safe food” you should keep the chicken at this temperature for about 3-4 minutes.


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