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Make Bratwurstsülze yourself – simple, fast & super tasty

Today I’m going to show you how to make a Bratwurstsülze yourself. It’s simple and super quick to make. 

The Bratwurstsülze is a nice change from the classic Sülze. It is perfect for a snack or as a dinner. 

The only ingredients I use are onions and parsley in addition to the Franconian bratwurst. Optionally, you can also add carrots or bell peppers. It’s up to you. 

In the post I use Bloom 240 aspic powder, but you can also cook out pigs feet and pork shank. These cuts have a lot of collagen. This makes the aspic firm on its own after cooling. You can find instructions for this in my german Süzle recipe

Here you can find the complete Bratwurstsülze recipe as a video or to read through.

Have fun and good luck making it!

Bratwurstsülze – What do you need to make it?

Bratwurstsülze-all Ingredients

per liter of aspic 

  • 75% water (750 ml)
  • 25% vinegar (250 ml)
  • 22 g salt
  • 1,5 g pepper
  • 0,5 g allspice
  • 0,25 g juniper
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Aspic powder Bloom 240 depending on the desired strength 40 – 50g /1liter


  • 400 g sausages
  • 100 g onion
  • parsley to taste

The equipment to make Bratwurstsülze

Casserole dish 

In order to make your bratwurstsülze, you’ll need a mold in which the bratwurst jelly can cool.

Make Bratwurstsülze – Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Cut the onions into slices. You can decide the size yourself.


2. Put the onions, water, vinegar and spices (except for the aspic powder) in a pot. 


3. Stir the ingredients and let it simmer until the onions are soft. 


4. Fry your sausages. 


5. Take the onions out of the broth. 

Bratwurstsülze-onion 2

6.  Pass the broth through a sieve. It is best to put an extra piece of Zewa in the sieve. so that the broth is as clear as possible. 


7. Put the sausages together with the onions and the parsley into the desired form. 


8. Add the aspic powder to the liquid and mix well. If the aspic powder has not dissolved, you can reheat the liquid. However, the broth with the aspic should not boil anymore.  The amount depends on which aspic powder you use. The final aspic should be firm to the touch.


9. Pour the ingredients into the aspic broth. 


10. Allow your Bratwurstsülze to cool overnight. 


11. Your Bratwurstsülze is ready. 😄 Enjoy it.


How long is the shelf life of the Bratwurstsülze?

Your Bratwurstsülze will keep for 3 days in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, you cannot freeze it. When thawing, the aspic would lose its binding and it would fall apart. Alternatively, you can preserve it in jars.


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