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Smoked ham – Delicious, smoky pleasure

Today I show you how you can make a smoked ham yourself. With a moderate effort you will achieve a super tasty result.

Smoked ham is a delicious delicacy. Its unique flavor and tender texture make it a popular choice as an appetizer, on bread, or in a variety of dishes. For this recipe, you’ll need a smoker.

If you want to know everything about making ham + 28 other ham recipes, it’s worth checking out the book.

Here you will find the complete hot smoked ham recipe as a video or to read through.

Have fun and good luck making it!

Smoked ham – What do you need to make it?

smoked ham-all ingredients

Meat per kg

  • 100% pork e.g. neck / leg (1000g)

For one liter of brine you need:

Depending on the desired salt content of the final ham, you will need between 20% and 30% of the meat weight in brine. I recommend starting with 20%.

The equipment to make smoked ham

Injection Needle + Syringe

To inject the brine into the meat (the process ensures that the meat stays juicy), you will need a injection syringe. If you don’t have one yet, you can buy one for around €10.


You need the smoker (e.g. this smoker cabinet) to smoke your ham.

Make smoked ham  – Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Put all the spices with the water in a saucepan and boil the brine once briefly. Leave to infuse for 20-30 minutes and then leave to cool.

smoked ham-brine

2. When the brine is cold, you can drain it through a sieve so that you don’t have any pieces in the brine. 3

smoked ham-sieve

3. Now inject some of the brine into the ham with a syringe. You can stop as soon as you notice that the brine is running out more and more.

smoked ham-needle

4. Put the ham with the remaining brine into a resealable bag.

smoked ham-brine 2

5. Now squeeze as much air as possible out of the bag. Try not to squeeze the ham too much (otherwise the brine will leak out again). Then you can close the bag. 

smoked ham-bag

6. The ham must now be cured for at least 3 days in the refrigerator (if you have a larger piece of ham, you must cure it longer). Important: Turn the ham every day so that the brine can soak in from all sides and is well distributed.

smoked ham-cure

7. Now pat the meat dry with a kitchen towel. Then insert a hook into the cured piece of meat. This way you can hang it up better afterwards. Alternatively, you can also tie the ham with kitchen twine and hang it up.

smoked ham-dry

8. Hang your ham in the smoker and dry it for about 30 minutes at 50 °C (122°F) without smoke.

smoked ham-smoke

9. After 30 minutes, increase the temperature to 75 °C (167 °F) and smoke the ham for about 2 hours.

smoked ham-2h

10. After 2 hours, your ham probably hasn’t reached core temperature yet. Now you have two options: 

1. option: you continue smoking the ham without smoking or 

2. option: you continue to cook it in the sous vide cooker. 

The core temperature is a matter of taste: at 58 °C (136,4 °F)  the ham is very soft and juicy, at 62 °C (143,6 °F) it is firm but not yet dry and at 65 °C (149 °F)  the ham is dry. 

smoked ham-core temperature

11.Your ham is ready.😄 Enjoy it.

smoked ham-ready

How long is the shelf life of the smoked ham?

Your ham will keep in the refrigerator for about a week. The alternative is to vacuum pack the ham in portions. When vacuumed, it should keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. You can also freeze it. This will increase the shelf life many times over.



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  1. Nice simple easy to follow recipe Daniel!

    I live on the Tropical Island of Phuket where it is hot all year long, the rainy season is here now and it is perfect weather to start smoking again. I do a lot of cold smoking at night in the rainy season when the temperature goes down to around 26c, I wait until midnight to start the smoker it is much cooler then and no breeze so the smoke goes straight up and doesn’t annoy my neighbours, and can easily
    control the heat using frozen water in
    plastic bottles if needed. Way too hot today it’s 30c already with 85% humidity in my kitchen and it’s only 8.25am. I’ll find a nice piece of Pork and Brine it so once it’s cool enough I can smoke it. Hot smoking is not too hard to control in the rainy season but when it’s 36c or more at other times a gas smoker like I have is very hard to keep under control. I make my own Cold Smokers and am in the process of making a new one out of stainless steel with brass fittings. I took my original cold smoker back to Australia last year and left it there to use when I go home. I still have to assemble the new one a bit of Silver Soldering to be done and I’m set to go.
    Have you made any Hot Calabrese Salami, I’m going to give that a go later when it gets real cold as it is to hot to ferment Salami at the moment.
    Thanks for sharing

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